Kids Go
Gap Free

We understand that a regular dental checkup might not be a priority during these times. However, your kid’s dental wellbeing is an important part of their growth. So, to encourage more parents to continue their kid’s oral health routine, we are providing gap free routine check and clean for 12 years and younger.

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Gap free for eligible health funds (including CDBS eligible kids)
or $99 if you are not covered.

Know more about CDBS to see if you qualify.

Package includes

  • regular check-up for caries and teeth development
  • gentle teeth cleaning for kids
  • fluoride treatment for strength
  • pre-orthodontic consultation to see if they would need braces in future
  • low radiation x-rays, if needed


Who doesn’t love goodies.

Make the visit to the dentist a memorable one for you kids. Your kids will start loving going to dentist. Each kid gets a surprise gift to take home. A lot of our kid patients come back for more.


Award for the champion

Let them show off to their friends and share their story. Each kid is awarded a special trophy for participation which they can showcase in their room.

Why Dock Dental for kids?

We keep the kids entertained. Our clinic is everything but boring.  Right from the waiting lounge your kid will feel the difference. Revolving cuddle chair and stone stools are the favourite among our young patients.

Kids can also watch their favourite shows reclining on a super comfy dental chair or listen to their favourite songs. We also have decors that kids find interesting. We even allow the pets inside the waiting room if your kids do not want to leave them at home.

We cannot wait to see your family at our clinic!

If you have any questions or would like to book over the phone, please call the clinic and our amazing team will be able to help you out.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I book for more than one kid?
  • Which ages are eligible for this offer?
  • What if I do not have a health fund?
  • Will there be any additional fee?
  • What if my child needs an additional treatment?
Can I book for more than one kid?
Feel free to book in all your children. Let the team know that you want to book them together and they can find a good slot to fit all.
Which ages are eligible for this offer?
We are offering this only for kids aged 12 years or below.
What if I do not have a health fund?
For those without health fund the cost for this package will be $99.
We also accept Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) payments. If your children are eligible, it is important that the money from these grants are utilised. At the end of the 2-year calendar period the scheduled amount is renewed, To learn more about CDBS and eligibility click here.
Will there be any additional fee?
In most cases, no. Everything included in the package will be enough for fairly healthy teeth and regular maintenance.
If the dentist recommends any treatments besides the inclusions, they might be charged extra depending on your health fund. All additional fees will be communicated before such treatments.
What if my child needs an additional treatment?
If it’s a short and simple one, we can do it during this appointment itself. However, for most of the treatments we will set up another appointment with the dentist. Cost of such treatments are not covered within this offer and may not be gap free.